Our Magical Story


Once upon a time in a modern world there lived a Mummy and a Daddy who, like all parents, doted dearly on their kids and wanted them to be happy, to be the best possible version of themselves and to be close to their parents.  They both worked long hours in order to provide for their family, which made the time they spent with their kids even more precious.      

One evening Daddy was reading a bedtime story to his daughter as he usually did.  However, this evening the little girl didn’t want her usual books.  She decided it would be more fun to make up her own stories about faraway lands filled with fun and exciting places that only existed deep inside her imagination.   

The caring and doting Daddy thought this was well…quite cool, so he just went along with it!  He knew his daughter would think he was even more fun if he joined in and he loved the idea of making up stories as unique as his little girl was.  The stories would create some really precious memories that could be cherished between them forever.  But he wasn't a storyteller, he thought his imagination was nowhere near as good as his little girls and they sometimes struggled to know what to put in their stories next.  Help was needed.  The Mummy, who loved hearing their stories, stopped, Googled (hey that’s the world we now live in) and pondered.  She struggled to find something that might solve the problem in a fun and whimsical way.  And so, Magical Story Jars came to be. 

From our family to yours, we hope you and your kids enjoy your Magical Story Jar.