How do I use my sample? 

If you have been lucky enough to get your mitts on one of our sample packs containing a story handpicked by one of our story makers, then here’s what you need to know: 

Each sample story contains a character, setting and plot card.  Use all three cards together with an adult to have fun creating your own bespoke bedtime story together!  Its as easy as that!  If story making isn’t your thing, you can always use the cards to draw your own story, act it out or even write one!

But one of my cards is blank?  These are the best ones!  This means you get to design your own story character, setting or plot.  Characters could be made up creatures that exist in only your imagination.  A tortoise with superpowers, your pet, or perhaps you and your best friend could feature in your story?  You decide!    Story settings might be a place you have always wanted to visit, your home or even your school.  Simply draw wherever you want your story adventure to take you!     

Why are the cards sparkly?  Ahhh….this will be the all-important magic dust!  Magic dust helps the stories to come alive.  The Chief Storymaker ensures every story has a sprinkling of magic dust to guarantee users can make the most fantastic stories ever. 

Which type of Magical Story Jar is my sample from? 

We currently have two different Magical Story Jars; a Once upon a Rainbow jar and a Bright Star jar.  The story cards in each jar are colour coded.

Story cards from the Bright Star jar are divided into cream character cards, blue settings cards and green plot cards.  Story cards form the Once Upon a Rainbow jar are divided into white character cards, pink settings cards and yellow plot cards. 

Magical Story Jars can also be personalised with the name of the child on the label.  Visit our shop for more information. 

We know that every kid is unique and so are their stories.  We would love to hear what happened in your story.  Post a message or video on our Facebook page telling us all about it. 

Happy Storymaking!