Magical Story Jar – Bright Star PERSONALISED LABEL

Magical Story Jar – Bright Star PERSONALISED LABEL


Made for kids, with kids! Fun, easy to use and educational. Magical Story Jars are the new way to tell imaginary stories. One jar, a sprinkling of magic dust, three sets of colour coded story cards, endless possibilities. Give a personalised children's gift with a difference.

The bespoke Bright Star Magical Story Jar™ provides an opportunity for fun bonding time between kids and parents and a wholesome experience away from the modern world we now live in. A fun alternative to a bedtime story. Helps kids to use and develop imagination and language skills and to talk about different emotions. Can also be used as writing, drawing and acting prompts. Ideal for bath time, long car journeys or group activities. 

Customisation can take up to seven working days, however we endeavor to complete your order as soon as possible.

CONTENT DESCRIPTION: In the bright star jar kids and parents can create stories based on a variety of characters including Rodney the very shy robot and his friend Slimy the adventurous slug. Characters discover lots of amazing places including an igloo in the North Pole and a palace made from sweets. Along the way, they become superheroes for the day, find secret doors and get locked inside theme parks after closing time.

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PERSONALISATION: The text on the front of the jar will read 'Recipient's name(s)' Magical Story Jar’. i.e. Lily's Magical Story Jar, The Jones' Magical Story Jar or xxxxx's Magical Story Jar. There is room for up to two names or a family surname on the label. Please double-check spelling and grammar! Names and apostrophes will be entered exactly as they are provided. 

Using a Magical Story Jar is easy! Start by finding somewhere cosy to sit, sprinkle a tiny amount of the Chief Storytellers magical dust over the cards and give the jar a gentle shake to make the stories come alive! 

WHAT'S INCLUDED? Contains an instruction card, magic dust and 45 colour coded story cards, three of which are blank so kids can make up their own characters. Personalised label on the front of the jar. Suitable for ages 3 years to 103! Dimensions: height 8cm (3.14 inches), diameter 10cm (3.93 inches). Arrives boxed with protective packaging and tissue paper.

Boring but important information: Photo props not included. Contains small parts which may cause a choking hazard. Not suitable for children under three years of age.

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