Magical Story Jars.

From Little Jars Come Big Stories.


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One jar, three sets of colour coded story cards, a sprinkling of magic dust and endless possibilities!

Magical Story Jars™ make great gifts which provide an opportunity for fun bonding time between children and parents and a wholesome experience away from the modern world we now live in. Made for children, with children! Fun, easy to use, educational, personalisation available.

How Magical Story Jars Work

It's as easy as one, two, three …

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Sprinkle the cards with some magic dust and shake the jar to make the stories awaken.

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Pick out one character, one setting and one plot card to form the basis of your magical story.

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Have fun making up a magical story together based on your chosen cards.

Our Magical Products

Each one of our Magical Story Jars includes colour coded story starter cards with text and illustrations, magic dust to make the stories awaken, three blank cards and instructions. Make endless imaginative stories as unique as your children and fuel young and old minds alike. Endless magical stories await…

Some of the storylines offer a chance to talk about moral dilemmas or dealing with emotions, that really resonated with us.
— Jenni, The Bear & The Fox Family & Lifestyle Blog


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Using your Magical Story Jar is easy and fun!


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