Finding and Inspiring the Storyteller in Your Little or Big One….
Meet Some of the Magical Story Jars Family

Meet some of the Magical Story Jar family members and learn how they play a crucial role in spreading the story making magic!

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Keeping the Kids Happy During Winter - Not Long to Go Now!

The New Year’s resolutions have petered out and the fresh perspective we began 2018 with is behind many of us now.  We’re back into the work and school routine, it still feels cold, dull and well, a little bit difficult right?  If this time of year affects adults, then it’s not unreasonable to assume that our kids might feel it too.  

To help with this I’ve put together some ideas for getting the kids and indeed you, through what can sometimes be a challenging time of year.  They are suitable for all ages; the majority are free and many of them can be done indoors when it’s just too cold to go out.    

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